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We can help your organisation reach exceptional outcomes through smart solutions. Wellington Architects offers a PhD-level understanding of environments, productivity, and self-identity and can facilitate a whole range of strategy projects – from master planning to education strategy, workplace strategy, or design strategy.


Wellington Architects provide award-winning architectural services to a wide spectrum of business and lifestyle clients. Our architectural projects not only stand the test of time – we are also known to push the envelope in sustainable design and deliver ground-breaking solutions that continue to inspire.


We focus on achieving our clients’ goals through experienced strategic thinking, award-winning interior concepts, viable sustainability initiatives, and brand integration in the built environment.

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Wellington Architects is a dynamic, award-winning firm that has gained a reputation for delivering value and results through innovative design, responsive performance, and intelligent commercial solutions.

We provide comprehensive architectural, interior design, strategic facilities planning, and corporate branding services to a wide spectrum of business and lifestyle clients. Wellington Architects understanding of corporate identity and brand in the built environment underpins our approach with each of our clients on every project.

With offices in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch.  Associated offices in New Zealand and India, our team of architects and interior designers are each specialists in their respective fields.

We understand stakeholder needs that not only ensure client value but produces remarkable work to exacting briefs. We put our feet into our client’s shoes to understand their needs and drivers.

While all the energy of urban life is to be celebrated and enjoyed there is also a counterpoint where home – whether a high-rise apartment, town residence or city estate – is based on a need for separation. Wellington Architects are skilled in creating an oasis that is visually and acoustically contained.


Wellington Architects buildings are sustainable, modern, beautiful, and finely crafted in durable materials, requiring minimal maintenance. We design things to last for generations and to be highly valued by clients and the broader community.
Well-designed, intelligently planned apartment buildings are transforming the quality of city life


 Contemporary residential design, whether it be multi-unit developments, high-rise apartment buildings or bespoke beach houses, must be 100% functional and practical whilst also sophisticated, relaxed, and beautiful. Being guided by these principles ensures we remain ranked amongst the best of Wellington’s architects and experts in the industry.


We provide a high quality service where professionalism, flexibility and ethical concerns are guiding principles that inform all of our interactions.
With a highly refined design process and an ability to communicate effectively, we produce award-winning homes with a style that is fast becoming recognised as Wellington Architects.


Our designs always make a statement and are often described upon first impression as having a significant presence. Inside are private sanctuaries for our clients to express themselves honestly. Private, open spaces with ample hidden storage allow for convenient living. Sliding walls and doors can further open up spaces for greater flexibility, multi-use, and entertaining.


We believe contemporary architecture should respect its context while still making a statement. Wellington Architects designed commercial and residential buildings provide a refuge from the stressful world around by harnessing a strong connection with the outdoors and embracing nature’s ability to inspire. To maintain our reputation as one of the best and most reliable architects in Wellington, it is imperative that we understand our clients’ dreams and realise their vision.

What we can do

We are passionate about the utilisation of cutting edge digital technologies to effectively collaborate with clients, stakeholders and the community, and to improve communication and built outcomes.